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Spam prevention is a constant balancing act. We are always juggling the blocking of spam while making sure we are receiving legitimate email. Acenet does its best to block the majority of unwanted email. And we provide tools to help you filter spam emails. In the end, only you really know what is and is not spam.

Barracuda Blacklist Database
Spam is rejected based on the Barracuda Blacklist database (BRBL) of known spammers. If a mail sender's IP address is listed in the database, all mail sent from them will be rejected at the SMTP level and will not even reach your inbox. All links within emails are also resolved to their IP address and checked against the BRBL.

Spamassassin is installed on all shared servers to help filter out the most obvious spam. You must enable SpamAssassin from within cPanel.
How to Enable Apache SpamAssassin

cPanel Email Filters
Email filters allow you to specify mail filters for accepting/rerouting/rejecting mail. If you receive an excess of spam, you can set up filters to automatically catch the spam based on a given rule.
Creating an Email Filter

SpamExperts is a premium mail filtering service that can be purchased through Acenet. It easy to use and requires very little configuration needed to get started. The default settings have been optimized for the best filtering performance. Acenet uses SpamExperts on all of its corporate email accounts and has proven itself an exceptional tool against spam.
SpamExperts can be purchased here:
Order Spam Experts

If the amount of spam is still excessive, there are several third-party spam filtering services available on the internet. For instance, you can set your email to be filtered by GMail.

GMail Email Filtering
You can use GMail to handle email from almost any email address you have, including any email account you have hosted at Acenet.
The following article will show you how to setup GMail to handle your email account hosted at Acenet.
Filter Email through GMail