Creating an Email Filter

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The following instructions will show you how to create an e-mail filter through your cPanel.
Using email filters, you can change how your email is handled. You can block unwanted spam, reorganize your mail based on content, or pass the email handling duties to a program or script.

[1] Log in to your cPanel account:
[2] Under the Email section, click on the Email Filters icon.

Email filters.png

[3] Click on Manage Filters next to the email account you want to create filters for.

Manage filters.png

[4] Click on Create a New Filter.

Create filter.png

[5] Provide a unique name for the filter.

Name filter.png

[6] In the From drop down, select the portion of the email you would like to filter.

From filter.png

[7] In the contains drop down, select the rule you would like to apply (We do suggest using "contains" since it is less picky than "equals")

Contains filter.png

[8] Enter the text you would like to filter in the blank text box.

Text filter.png

[9] In the Actions drop down, select the action you would like to have happen when an e-mail triggers the filter.

Actions filter.png
(If you want to block the e-mail entirely, it is best to leave the action as Discard Message)

[10] Click the Create button to finish creating your e-mail filter.

Create button filter.png

Your filter is now created.