Can I create a catch-all email address?

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Catch-all email addresses are disabled by default on all of our shared servers because of the large amount of spam they tend to receive. You can emulate catch-all functionality by setting up email forwarders to catch all normally unrouted mail.

[1] Login to your cPanel and create an email account for the address you would like to act like a catch-all.

For example, you might create the email account ""

[2] Create multiple email forwarders for other email addresses to be forwarded to your email account.

Example: -> -> -> etc...

[3] To check your email, login using the credentials of the email account you created above in [1]. This account will receive email sent to any of the addresses you configured as forwarders in [2].

Using this method, you can setup a single email account to catch mail sent to various other addresses. The benefit of this method is that you are not catching unwanted mail sent to bogus email addresses. It's a common practice of spammers to try "Dictionary Attacks" against a wide variety of email addresses. A spammer might use a dictionary of common email addresses and attempt to deliver spam to them. You'll commonly see spammers send spam to: ...

and so on. If you have a true catch-all email address setup, you would receive mail sent to any of these email addresses even though there is no mailbox or forwarder configured for them. By limiting your catch-all to only those forwarders you setup, you can still receive mail from multiple email addresses in a single location without receiving the spam sent to dictionary style lists.