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This demo will show you how to create an email forwarder through your cPanel. An email forwarder forwards any email sent to one email address to another. For example, if an email forwarder was set up to forward email from "" to "" any email sent to "" would go to the inbox for "".

[1] Click on the "Forwarders" icon within the "Mail" section of your cPanel

[2] Click on the "Add Forwarder" button under the "Email Account Forwarders" section

[3] Enter the email address you would like to forward in the "Address to Forward" field

The email address you're forwarding from does not have to have be an email account that exists. If you do not plan on checking the email account you're going to forward from, it's best to not create it or delete it (if it already exists) to prevent unnecessary disk space from being used in your account.

[4] Enter the email address you would like to forward to in the "Forward to email address" field

[5] Click the "Add Forwarder" button

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