Why is my hosting space less than what my plan comes with?

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Each Enterprise 2.0 plan includes an initial storage allocation of 20 gigabytes and additional storage is available free of charge, subject to the terms and conditions of the user agreement. Please see the "Disk Usage and Bandwidth" section of the User Agreement for more details:

Acenet Terms of Service

You can have your account's hosting space increased (if needed). All you need to do is submit a ticket to our Tech Support department at our Helpdesk requesting so with the reason(s) why you're wanting your hosting space increased.

All disk space quota increase requests are subject to a quick audit of the high disk space usage directories within the account. This is done to ensure that the account's high disk space usage is something that cannot be addressed (such as an abnormally large log file, database full of spam, etc.) before granting the disk space quota increase.