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This demo will show you some of the more advanced features in the SmartFTP client.

--Connect to your FTP account--

Modify Permissions of a File

[1] Right click on the file you want to modify the permissions of and then click "Properties"

[2] Set the permissions of the file near the bottom of the new window under the "Permissions" section

You can set the permissions by typing in the appropriate chmod value or by check marking the boxes that correspond with the permissions you wish to allow

[3] Click the "Ok" button to finish setting the file's permissions

Rename a File

[1] Right click on the file you wish to rename and click "Rename"

[2] Type in the new filename and hit Enter

Edit a File Live

[1] Right click on the file you wish to modify and click "Edit"

You will see Notepad or your current default text editor open up with the file

[2] Make your desired changes

[3] Click '"File" and then "Save"

[4] Once you have saved the file, you can exit out of the text editor

SmartFTP will automatically update the file with your new changes

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