Setting Up Fantastico Email Notifications

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This demo will show you how to set up Fantastico e-mail notifications through your cPanel.

We strongly recommend setting up Fantastico e-mail notifications because doing so results in an e-mail being sent each time a script is installed, removed, or needs to be upgraded through Fantastico. This way you can ensure that only you're installing scripts in your account and that all of your scripts are kept up-to-date. Keeping your scripts up-to-date is very important because script developers often include patches for security holes with updates which helps prevent your site from being hacked.

[1] Click on the "Fantastico De Luxe" icon within the "Software/Services" section of your cPanel

[2] Click on "Email notifications" near the bottom of the page under the "Extras" section

[3] Enter your e-mail address into the blank text field under the "Email notifications" section

[4] Choose the mode you prefer from the drop down menu

"Once" mode: sends you a single notification for each script you installed through Fantastico that needs an update.

"Daily" mode: sends you a notification everyday until you update the script.

[5] Click the "Save" button to finish setting up the Fantastico e-mail notifications