Monitoring your Adaptec 6405 RAID Array via SSH

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Install Adaptec's arcconf utility

Download the Adaptec Storage Manager Utility

Download the latest Adaptec Storage Manager utility from this page:

Storage Manager Downloads

Click the link for the latest build of the Adaptec Storage Manager for your Operating System. For example, if you have a 64-bit OS, click the latest build for 64-bit Linux. (ex: Adaptec Storage Manager v7.31.18856 for Linux x64).

Click 'Download Now'

Accept the license agreement

Right-click the 'Primary' icon and select 'Copy Link Address'

SSH into your server and wget the file from the link you copied, then extract the package to a new folder. Below is an example.

Please keep in mind that the wget URL will change based on the Storage Manager package that you are downloading.

mkdir /root/adaptec
cd /root/adaptec
tar -zxf asm_linux_x64_v7_31_18856.tgz

Install the StorMan RPM

Install the StorMan RPM. Using the above package as an example, below is the command to be issued:

rpm --install ./manager/StorMan-7.31.x86_64.rpm

You should see output as follows:

Adaptec Storage Manager
Version 7.31

starting Adaptec Storage Manager agent ...

Installation completed successfully.
The application can be started by running: /usr/StorMan/

The arcconf utility, located at /usr/StorMan/arcconf, is now available to manage your RAID array.

Using the arcconf utility

Available Commands

For a list of available commands, run:


This will provide you with a full list of commands that can be run through the arcconf utility. Below, we'll cover some of the more widely used commands.

Checking your RAID array's status

To see current operations of your RAID array, run:

/usr/StorMan/arcconf GETSTATUS 1

This will show you any current operations running on the RAID controller. For example, if there is a rebuild or verification running on the controller, you will see it here under 'Current operation'.

Viewing your RAID array's configuration

To see the configuration of your RAID array, run:

/usr/StorMan/arcconf GETCONFIG 1

Here you will see the current status of your RAID array. In the Controller information section at the top of the output, if the Controller Status is anything other than Optimal, a hard drive or other hardware likely needs to be replaced to bring the array to an optimal state.

If this is the case, please post a ticket with our Helpdesk and our technicians will take a look.