How to update a script in Softaculous

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Softaculous allows you to easily update any scripts that have been installed or synchronized with it. A video demo and instructions on how to update scripts with Softaculous are provided below.

[1] Click on the Softaculous icon.jpg icon with the 'Software/Services' section of your cPanel.

[2] If any scripts need to be updated, you will see something like this on the page:

Softaculous update notice.jpg

[3] Click on the yellow notice that a picture is provided of above.

[4] Click on the blue update icon Softaculous update.jpg to the right of the software version.

[5] Check the 'Create Backup' option.

[6] Click the Softaculous upgrade button.jpg button.

The next screen will let you know if the update was sucessful. There will be instructions on how to complete the update if any manual intervention is needed (i.e. database format changes that need to be done).