How to set the max hourly email limit for all accounts on the server through WHM

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This article depicts functionality available only when logged into WHM as root. The ability to set the max hourly email limit for a server requires either a Virtual or Dedicated server package. All of our shared servers have a max hourly email limit of 600/hour.

1 ) Login to the WHM of the server as root.

2 ) Click on 'Tweak Settings' under the 'Server Configuration' section.

3 ) Click on the Mail tab.JPG tab.

4 ) Scroll down to the Max hourly.JPG field.

5 ) Select the radio button to the left of the text box (WHM radio text.jpg).

6 ) Set the max hourly number of emails you want to limit all accounts on your server to by default in the text box.

7 ) Click the WHM save.jpg button.