How to configure the Barracuda Reputation Block List BRBL in WHM

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Looking for something to help you filter the spam your server is receiving? The BRBL (Barracuda Reputation Block List) is just the thing for the job. Acenet uses the BRBL on all of our shared servers to help filter spam. Instructions on how to configure the BRBL through your WHM are provided below.

1 ) Log into your server's WHM as root.

2 ) Click on 'Exim Configuration Manager' under the 'Service Configruation' section.

3 ) Click on the Whm rbls.jpg tab.

4 ) Click on the Whm manage.jpg button to the right of 'Manage Custom RBLs'.

5 ) In the 'Rbl Name' field, specify the following:


6 ) In the 'RBL Info URL' field, specify the following:

7 ) In the 'Dns List' field, specify the following:

8 ) Click the Whm add.jpg button.

9 ) Go back to the 'Exim Configuration Manager' in WHM.

10 ) Set 'Custom RBL: Barracuda [?]' to 'On'.

11 ) Click the Whm save.jpg button.