How to assign a dedicated IP through WHM for a Virtual or Dedicated Server

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This article depicts functionality only when logged into WHM as root. The ability to assign your own Dedicated IPs requires either a Virtual or Dedicated server package.

Dedicated IPs have many advantages. You can view more details in our article Why should I have a dedicated IP?

Before assigning a dedicated IP to an account, you should be aware that a dedicated IP assignment may result in the site(s) associated with the account to appear down for several hours while the new IP propagates. We suggest to schedule dedicated IP assignments for the account's non-peak hours because of this.
If any of the sites associated with the account you're going to assign a dedicated IP to are using 3rd party DNS that does not sync with your server's DNS, they will need to have their DNS zones modified to reflect the new IP address. If you're not sure how the sites are having their DNS handled, you will want to consult with your server's administrator.

[1] Log into your server's WHM as root.

[2] Click on 'Change Site's IP Address' which is under the 'Account Functions' section.

[3] Select the account you're wanting to assign a dedicated IP to.

[4] Click the 'Change' button.

[5] Select an available IP (other than your server's main IP) from the 'New Address' drop down.

If you currently do not have any available IPs, you can view details on how to order additional IPs for your server at our Account Upgrades page.

[6] Click the 'Change' button.