Edit an MX Record

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This demo will show you how to edit an MX entry through your WHM.

Follow the directions in this demo ONLY if you wish to have the account's mail duties handled by a 3rd party mail server. If you wish to have the account's mail delivered to your account with Acenet, Inc. leave your MX record as it is originally set. Changing your MX record to an invalid entry may cause a disruption in mail services.

This video depicts functionality contained only within WHM, a reseller only administration panel. This video does not apply to you if you do not have a Reseller hosting plan. If you do not have a reseller plan but wish to perform a task depicted in one of the WHM videos, please inquire further at our Helpdesk so that our technicians can assist you.

[1] Click on "Edit MX Entry" which is under the "DNS Functions" section

[2] Select the domain you wish to modify the MX record of and click the "Edit" button

[3] Replace the existing MX record with your new MX record

Optional: If you need to add more than 1 MX record you will want to click on the "Add Another MX Entry Field" link to add a new line

[4] Click the "Save" button to finish editing the MX entry