Change an Email Account's Quota

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This demo will show you how to Change an Email Account's Quota from cPanel. An email quota is the maximum amount of disk space allocated to an email account.

What happens when my mailbox is over quota?

If your mailbox exceeds the quota, there is no room for additional mail and all new messages will bounce back to the sender.

The quota you specify is still restricted by your overall account disk space. For example, if your account comes with a maximum of 100MB, your email account will not exceed 100MB even if you set the quota to "unlimited."

[1] Click on the "Email Accounts" icon within the "Mail" section of your cPanel

[2] Locate the email account you would like to modify and click the "Change Quota" link to the right of it

[3] Enter the amount of disk space you would like to allocate to the email account in the "Mailbox Quota" text field

[5] Click the "Change Quota" button