Mozilla Thunderbird - Setting Up an Email Account

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Before you can setup your email account in Mozilla Thunderbird or any local email client, you need to create it. If you have access to cPanel, you can view our knowledgebase article Creating an Email Account

[1] Click the 'Tools' tab.

[2] Click 'Account Settings...'

[3] Click the Thunderbird account actions.jpg button.

[4] Click 'Add Mail Account...'

[5] Specify your name in the 'Your name' text field.

[6] Enter your full email address into the 'Email address' text field.

[7] Enter your email address' password into the 'Password' text field.

[8] Click the Thunderbird continue.jpg button.

[9] Click the Thunderbird manual config.jpg button.

[10] Enter your full email address into the 'Username' text field.

When Thunderbird requests your email address, you must input your full email address. Do not input your cPanel username. A full email address is of the form:

[email protected]

where 'account' is the mailbox name you have setup and '' is your domain name.

[11] Click the Thunderbird create account.jpg button.

[12] Click the Thunderbird ok.jpg button.