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For performance and anti-spam reasons, all outgoing email (including mail forwards) is throttled to 600 emails per hour on all of Acenet's shared servers. If you attempt to send more than 600 emails per hour, only the first 600 will be successfully delivered. Up to 750 additional messages will be queued for delivery over the next two to four hours, subject to the 600 message per hour limit. Any messages above that will be discarded.

If you need to send out more than 600 emails on a regular basis, you do have options:

1) The simplest and most cost effective solution is to install a mailing list script which has the ability to send out email in batches. We offer PHPList which is available as an auto-install script through Softaculous in your cPanel. If you need assistance with configuring PHPList, there is extensive documentation on PHPList's site here:


Documentation regarding configuring the Sending Rate, specifically, can be found here:


We recommend that you set your sending limit well below 600. When configuring your mailing list, you will want to leave some allowance for day-to-day emails.

2) Some mailing lists' sending frequency would make it difficult to abide by our sending limit. Imagine you have a 20,000 email address mailing list that gets sent out daily. With our 600/hour email sending limit, you would only be able to send out 14,400 emails per day. In such circumstances, the bulk email requirements of your site may not be suitable for shared hosting. With such large email volumes, a Cloud Server or Dedicated Server would be more apt to meet your needs. We offer a variety of Cloud and Dedicated servers to meet your needs and budget.

Our Cloud Server packages should be adequate to handle the email needs of a decently sized mailing list, though only your webmaster truly knows the requirements of your site.


If you feel a purely Dedicated solution would better handle your email sending, we offer a wide range of Dedicated servers. Full details on our Dedicated Servers can be found here: