How to set a max hourly email limit for an account through WHM

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This article depicts functionality available only when logged into WHM as root. The ability to set max hourly email limits for individual accounts requires either a Virtual or Dedicated server package. All of our shared servers have a max hourly email limit of 600/hour.

1) Login to the WHM of the server as root

2) Click on 'Modify an Account' under the 'Account Functions' section.

3) Select the account you're wanting to set a max hourly email limit for.

4) Click the WHM modify.jpg button.

5) Locate 'Maximum Hourly Email by Domain Relayed' and select the radio button to the left of the text box (WHM radio text.jpg).

6) Set the max hourly number of emails you want to limit that account to in the text box.

7) Click the WHM save.jpg button.