How to clear your internet browser's cache

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Each internet browser has its own way to clear its cache. There are instructions below on how to clear the cache of various popular internet browsers.

If you're unable to see the Tools tab in your internet browser, you can press the 'Alt' key on your keyboard to have it appear.

Mozilla Firefox

[1] Click Tools -> Clear Recent History

[2] Select 'Cache'

[3] Click the Firefox clear now.jpg button.

Google Chrome

[1] Click the Menu icon Chrome menu icon.png in the upper right next to the address bar

[2] Select Tools -> Clear browsing data

[3] Check 'Empty the cache'

[4] Click the Chrome clear browsing.jpg button

Internet Explorer

[1] Click Tools -> Internet options

[2] Click the 'General' tab

[3] Under the 'Browsing history' section, click the Explorer delete.jpg button

[4] Check 'Temporary Internet files'

[5] Click the Explorer Delete2.jpg button


[1] Click on Tools (Gear icon) and select Reset Safari

[2] Click Empty Cache

[3] Click the Reset button


[1] Click Tools and Select Delete Private Data

[2] Click on Delete and select Delete Entire Cache

[3] Click the Clear Now button