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This demo will show you how to create a package through your WHM.

This video depicts functionality contained only within WHM, a reseller only administration panel. This video does not apply to you if you do not have a Reseller hosting plan. If you do not have a reseller plan but wish to perform a task depicted in one of the WHM videos, please inquire further at our Helpdesk so that our technicians can assist you.

1 ) Click on "Add Packages" which is under the "Packages" section

2 ) Enter the name of the package into the "New Package Name" text field

3 ) Enter the resources you would like to assign into the appropriate text fields under the "Resources" section

We do not allow mailman powered mailing lists. The built in mailing list feature will be disabled no matter what you enter into the "Max Email Lists" field
Optional: Select the options you would like enabled by default by checking the check boxes of the options you would like enabled
Optional: You can choose another cPanel theme from the drop down but we recommend using x3
Optional: You can use a custom feature list by selecting it from the "Feature List" drop down
Optional: You can choose a different language from the "Language" drop down

4 ) Click the "Add" button to finish creating the package

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